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RICHMOND ~ A reliable source has provided wEakLy wHiRL kNEwZ with previously undisclosed information regarding the long awaited Scariens Documentary. According to our source, the documentary will be aired in the Richmond area on MediaWon Publik Excess TV Channel 38 at random times during the summer.

After several clandestine meetings with unidentified Scarien operatives, wEakLy wHiRL kNEwZ reporters were actually able to obtain a copy of the Scariens Documentary. The documentary has been tied up in lengthy and expensive legal entanglements but was finally released last week after a landmark decision was reached by Chief Justice Algonquin "Fatso" Rudd. It was decided that the CIA could not supress a documentary containing secret information if the secrets had been previously disclosed in a tabloid. (See CIA vs Scarien Nation, et al : 108 Supreme Trailer Court Reporter 819 - 1998)

Despite the legal victory, major networks have refused to broadcast the documentary due to the controversial nature of the program. However, through a special arrangement with a major Richmond television executive, the program will be broadcast on Publik Excess TV Channel 38. Legal experts advise mondo television afficionados to tape the broadcast before lawmakers have a chance to supress the program using arcane legal maneuvers.


wEakLy wHiRL kNEwZ staff members viewed the documentary and agreed that it is the most comprehensive documentary of the Scariens ever made. The one hour documentary contains extremely rare footage of special guests David Koresh, Charlie Parker, Jr., and the exotic Scarien Dancers from the Court of Mosby.

Actual footage of the "Sneiracs" performing in a dim beatnik coffee house is included as well as a rare Halloween peformance of the Scariens in Memphis, Egypt. A voice that sounded similar to an alien robot revealed previously unknown information about the combo's beatnik period.

Although little hard information is given, it appears that the documentary spans the entire 40 year career of the Scariens. There is even some footage clearly showing a replacement bass player (rumored to be Greek artist Bony Jank) at a performance that experts believe was filmed at an Istanbul disco in 1969. This footage may confirm government reports that Jabbah was briefly abducted by aliens, requiring the Scariens to obtain a replacement for several performances.

Some of the confusion regarding the Scarien connection with alien artifacts and alien encounters is cleared up in the book, SCARIEN NATION NOW BE ONE. While the Scariens Documentary does little to explain the alien connection, the issue is briefly addressed. This is a must see for all fans of the Scariens and for mondo documentary lovers.