The New Translation of the Seventh Scroll

Whosoever exhalts himself shall be laughed at and he who humbles himself shall laugh loudest.

There is no future and no past. Right now is infinite.

The ignorant become agitated and do not know why. The wise become agitated and know why.

Wise men take no special action; the zombie runs around in circles and then falls down.

Conquer your fear with truth before fear and ignorance conquer your tribe.

A Scarien skilled in concentration can divide the moon into seven rainbows.

The Great Spirit has ten thousand names and one million forms but only one truth.

The dead pray for sunshine during a drought; the living listen for rain.

Give your share to one who needs it but if someone demands your gift, give your share to someone who did not demand it.

Shame those who condemn the innocent and persecute the weak.

All actions create opposing reactions; dance while remaining still as if somebody is watching.

The undead do not know they are not living; the living know when their life ceases and can then live again.

Do not accept gifts from vampires.

When you reach your destination, rest there peacefully.

The evil ones not of this world cannot devour the soul of one who does not offer it.

Dunya, Dunya, should have took a rope and hung ye.

Trust in the Scarien Creator but secure your ass.

Beware of false profits, your treasure is hidden elsewhere.

People overcome by their cravings crawl like maggots on rotting flesh.

Discard your flesh to eliminate your mortality (free your ass and your mind will follow).

The set of seven ancient scrolls were discovered in 1997 within the submerged pyramid at the Hollywood Cemetary and have since been acquired by the Scarien Organization. Antiquity specialists are in the process of restoring additional scrolls as Scarien scholars continue to translate the ancient writings.

The Original Scroll remains hidden. Scholars have had difficulty in interpreting the meaning of this document, although experts believe the writing reveals forbidden knowledge. Scariens everywhere hope the seven scrolls will soon unlock the mysteries of the Original Scroll.

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