Republicrat economists have just completed a twenty-year plan for economic success that will create spectacular profit opportunities for Republicrat investors. A combination of factors were considered by the economic planners resulting in a comprehensive international plan that will guarantee huge growth potential for investors with as little as $5 Million to invest.

Even small investors who don't have $5 Million can earn a fair rate of return on Imperial Republicrat War Bonds. These five-year bonds cost only $1,000 and payoff $1050 in five short years. However, cashing in the bond early will result in a $75 penalty.

The Imperial Republicrat War Bonds are adorned with beautiful patriotic symbols and can be purchased through the mail by certified check. Send your order to: War Bond Offer, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC. Be sure to include $10 per bond to cover postage, handling, insurance and registration costs.

Purchasers of the Imperial Republicrat War Bonds should have no interest in the information provided below. These investment opportunities require large amounts of capital and advanced investment knowledge. Special preferred stock offerings involving large blocks of shares are typically not available to small investors.

On the homefront, Republicrat Gray Davis has diverted $95 Million to Oracle to be used for creating the software needed for a National ID/Database/Monetary system. Now is the time to buy Oracle shares - once the new system is implemented, businesses will be forced to invest in scanning hardware outfitted with Oracle software.

Applied Digital Solution's subdermal microchip implants will soon be approved by the FDA, opening up a multi-billion dollar market. China has already signed on to purchase millions of the devices and America is sure to follow after more terrorist attacks. The price of Applied Digital Solutions stock has already bottomed out making this an excellent time to invest.

The expected bio-attack on America will generate huge profits for drug companies Bayer (maker of anthrax antidote Cipro) and Aventis Pasteur (maker of a smallpox vaccine). CIA investment advisors say there is no question that America will be attacked, it is only a question of when. To be safe, invest now to obtain maximum profit potential.

Additional terrorist attacks will also increase anxiety levels among citizens. Drug companies producing popular anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax (made by Pharmacia and UpJohn) and alcoholic beverage distributors will see profits surge with each act of terrorism in America. Simple policy changes such as FDA approval for an over-the-counter version of Xanax or Federal legislation lowering the drinking age could also have a significant impact on the mood enhancement industry.

Big profits for Republicrat investors also loom on the international horizon. The upcoming war on Iraq and other evil axis nations combined with various nation building/pipeline projects will bring long term growth to traditional Republicrat investments. DynCorp, Halliburton, GM, Ford, Motorola, Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed will prosper for years to come. Republicrats should double their holdings in these companies and participate in the dividend reinvestment programs offered by these corporations.

The Carlyle Group is planning on going public once the initial expansion of defense expenditures is transferred. Being a closely held and privately controlled holding company, the exact value of its holdings is not known. The public offering may not occur until 2005 when George Bush Junior is to retire from the Imperial Presidency and become CEO of the Carlyle Group.