Huge Block Party For Tour DuPont
By Unknown Staff Writer
May 16, 1992

Richmond is the only city to play host for all of the races, which began as the Tour de Trump, sponsered by then billionaire Donald Trump. The program lists among Richmond's tourist attractions the DuPont Spruance fibers plant in Chesterfield County. Sorry - no tours, the switchboard says.

No Small Feet played classic rock and Motown tunes on the plaza of Main Street Centre. In the James Center Plaza, sedate business types were left gaping as The Scariens, a radical rock quartet, put Elvis Presley lyrics to Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix tunes.

"Aliens brought us this music on a cassette and told us to play it," guitarist Dusty Deedbook explained.

Fresca ("A Distinctive Sparkling Refresher with a Light Citrus Taste!") was free in the James Center Plaza. Beers - Coors, Coors Light or Coors Extra Gold - were $2. The non-alcoholic Coors Cutter "premium malt beverage" went over like a flat tire.

Sometimes A Joke Band Gets Lucky And Music Becomes A Full-Time Job
By Harriet McLeod
August 26, 1992

The Scariens are a quintet led by Huk L. Bury, who tries to scare people. While the band plays sometimes three different songs at once flanked by rotating hypnotic whorls, Huk wanders the audience, singing directly into people's faces.

"The kind of stuff we do, you either love it, or you just can't stand it and have to leave," said the keyboard player, known as David Koresh. "Then the singer will get in front of people and block them at the door to keep them from leaving."

The Scariens will play at Memphis on Halloween.