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Diva DeNyle Disappears

RICHMOND ~ The mysterious vocalist Jewla DeNyle has vanished from the music scene according to industry insiders. The singer, believed to be an Egyptian occultist, was most recently associated with the underground combo Scariens, singing on their latest CD and appearing in a video which will air later this year.

Experts familiar with Scarien Cult doctrines believe the disappearance of Jewla DeNyle may be related to the revelations contained in recently translated ancient scrolls. Scholars believe the scrolls may have instructed DeNyle to return to Egypt for cosmic purposes.

Tabloid journalists have been unable to contact Scariens through the usual channels but were assured by a reliable underworld figure that the secretive combo is still in America but will not comment on the disappearance of DeNyle at this time. Scariens have not been seen in public since martial law was declared in Richmond, leading fans to believe that the group had fled the area.