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TV reviewers accuse
combo of TV piracy

RICHMOND ~ This tabloid has learned that an investigation is underway to determine who is responsible for the ongoing illicit broadcasts of the Scariens combo on MediaWon Public Excess Channel 6 in Richmond. Thousands of Public Excess viewers have reported seeing the show which is being aired from an unknown location. Scariens handler Manny Jacobs has denied any involvement in the matter. "We're being framed," Jacobs told tabloid journalists.

Jacobs: This hijack
hijinx is a set-up!

One west-end TV repairman confided that he has received hundreds of calls concerning the Scariens program which seems to take over disoriented viewers' TV sets. The TV repairman believes advanced MK-Ultra technology is being used to control TV satellites to broadcast the Scariens program over easily hacked mainframe computers linked to the cable tv fiber-optic matrix.

MediaWon executives have not commented on the television disruptions but cable technicians speaking off the record say these Scarien incidents have happened before. One installer claims he has heard of a device called "the MK-Ultra Whirl" capable of "taking over cablevision". The Scarien Liberation Army (SLA) is known to own one of these devices, according to the cable guy. Manny Jacobs has denied that the Scarien combo is connected with the SLA.

Gossip is spreading through the entertainment industry that the FCC and Matrix Network authorities are mounting a full scale invesitigation to find out who is behind what TV critics are calling "TV piracy". One critic described being forced to watch "that horrible program" eight times in one day. The critic complained that he became dizzy and unable to think clearly after watching the illicit broadcasts.

Cable technicians believe an MK-Ultra device similar
to this was used by the Scarien Liberation Army to
take over MediaWon Public Excess Channel 6