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RICHMOND ~ The gala New Years Eve celebration held at the Country Club of Virginia (CCV) was a complete disaster, according to many present. CCV spokeswoman Barb claimed, "Our first mistake was hiring the Scariens as our entertainment, and our second mistake was not firing them as soon as they arrived."

"They were two hours late in arriving, and they were probably drunk or high on drugs. They did not wear formal attire as instructed, and their music was horrible. No one danced," Barb went on to explain.

whirl of white folks

Scarien singer Huk L. Bury reportedly cursed the partygoers and actually touched some members of the audience. CCV members who were interviewed after the fiasco claimed that the Scariens were rude and arrogant, and that the combo caused extensive damage to CCV property. One couple noted that the"band was very morbid," reminding them of the Addams Family.

Kitchen workers at CCV seemed to have a different opinion of the evening, describing the Scariens as "great", "sensational", "incredible", and "glorious". When informed of the kitchen help's adulation of the Scariens, Barb replied,"I would expect that from our low life kitchen help. They all smoke cigarettes and play bongos".