A big black sedan pulled up next to the gaudiest looking Cadillac this side of Vegas. These wheels were out of place on this little dirt road on the outskirts of Memphis. A greasy redneck punk got out of the back seat of the Cadillac. He had a gallon of petroleum jelly on his conk and a heavy roll of greenbacks in his hand. He slipped into the back seat of the big black car and handed the scratch to the fat little bulldog man wearing lipstick.

Two goons got out of the big black car and opened the trunk. Two greasers fell out of the Cadillac and popped the trunk. The goons then carried a big red wooden box over to the Cadillac and put it in the trunk. All the squares piled into their shorts and split. The big black sedan disappeared into the darkness, sans headlights. The Cadillac pulled off slowly and bore an ominous message. The license plate read "Elvis" - evils spelled sideways.

Meanwhile, down south in Richmond, Virginia, Mr. Scary and Mirror searched for a nonexistent beat scene. They didn't blend in too well in this burg, the capital of the Confederacy. Stars and bars, beehives and fast cars.

Half hip students at Richmond Professional Institute, the local "art" college, were put off by these aliens. Many people, the Civil War fresh in their minds, mistook the Scarien pair as Yankees. The few hipsters on the scene mistook them as religious fanatics.

The pair strolled down Second Street, where hustlers sold dope and sex. Second Street was mostly a black scene and the pale couple stood out like reefers in a pack of Lucky Strikes. They couldn't connect so, after a few weeks, they went back to where they came from.

Back in Greenwich Village, The Sneiracs were hustling. They gigged when and where they could. They even got day jobs. They sold reefers, reds, and bennies. They scrimped, saved, and scuffled. They played the Scarien melodies they had worked so hard to learn.

The cats had real big plans. They were saving up their loot for the big road trip to Morocco. Their lives had changed for the stranger since they met Mr. Scary and Mirror. From the moment they spun the first Scarien platter, these hipsters knew deep down inside that their lives would never be the same. They now had a mission in life. They didn't know where this road trip would take them, but they were along for the ride.