The outcome of the final election was predicted by most psychics. The charismatic leader known as Jinngrinch was elected as the final president and his assistant, known as Mara, was elected as the final vice-president. Their promises to create order and peace captivated the voters. Jinngrinch had proposed final solutions to all world problems and he enjoyed the full support of all Republicrats.

Shortly after the election, Jinngrinch merged the Republicrats with like-minded groups that ruled other continents and created the final political party, The Brave New World Order. The first item on their agenda was to launch an enormous space-station from which they would rule the Earth. Equipped with the latest computer and communication systems and outfitted with secret alien technology, the space-station set off for the Cosmic Beltway, next to the Milky Way.

The Brave New World Order attempted to control the Earth's economy, energy resources, food supplies, and political systems through a network of enforcers, informers, and world policemen. Within months of their departure into outer space, the world was in turmoil. Natural disasters seemed to become daily occurences all over the world. As the health care systems crumbled, disease was rampant. Food allocations, based on politics, created famine in many areas of the world.

Riots escalated into wars and social systems fell apart as disillusioned people began to believe the persistent rumors that the world and the Brave New World Order were controlled by evil mutant aliens.

The people of Earth were engulfed with despair. There was no relief as the daily grind to obtain food and safety consumed the energy of most people. Currency was worthless and all communications systems had been outlawed. Even the right to peaceably assemble had been revoked under the new martial law program. Suicide became the number one killer of people as the dark cloud of depression overwhelmed the Earth.

Information had spread slowly around the world that evil mutant aliens from the Arien Planet had taken over the universe using dark sorcery. The stories seemed almost unbelievable, but historic research amoung the scholars of the tabloid archives verified the stories. Only the tabloid archives had survived the great information purge conducted by the enforcers of the Brave New World Order. Scholars estimated that the evil Ariens had been on Earth for over ten thousand years. Their evil had slowly grown as they had fed on the souls of the good people of Earth.

Enlightenment and wisdom began to replace ignorance among certain people and these people started to group together and meet in secret. Obscure stories circulated about how spaceships belonging to good aliens from the Scarien Planet had descended on Earth shortly after the final elections. The stories told of how good people were transported to the Scarien Planet to escape the evil that infected the Earth.

Some people remembered the once popular band, The Scariens, which had long ago been banned from performing. They speculated that this band was in fact somehow connected to the good aliens from the Scarien Planet. Long forgotten recordings made years earlier by the obscure band began to surface. Crude devices known as walkmans were used to hear these recordings. People who had grown weary of the troubles of the world listened intently to the strange melodies to gain insight into the meaning of truth and justice.

An underground group of people, calling themselves the Listeners, emerged and as their numbers grew, a man known as Nick became their leader. Nick was a very old man with long white hair and a long white beard. He claimed to have known the Scariens and he once spoke of running a command post that connected the Scarien Planet with the Earth. He told of how he had to remain at the command post, located in the northern wilderness, when Scarien spaceships came to Earth. His spaceship was destroyed when Arien invaders attacked the command post. Nick told the Listeners that there was the possibility that he could contact the Scarien Planet if certain equipment at the command post survived the attack.

Many of the Listeners became disenchanted with their leader and his far-fetched stories. Despite his sincerity, they doubted the stories he told and they dropped out of the secret group. However, several of the Listeners faithfully believed Nick and began to make plans to travel to the area of the North Pole to locate the old command post. A young, energetic man named Rudy moved into Nick's secret trailer and became his best friend. Nick was Rudy's mentor, telling him great tales of the battles between good and evil aliens that had transpired on Earth over the centuries.

Rudy and several Listeners plotted a way to capture an airplane and go to the North Pole. But only those with close ties to the Brave New World Order were allowed to fly airplanes. There were no pilots or weapons amoung the Listeners and they were unable to formulate a method of getting to the North Pole.

"Nick, I had wanted to surprise you with a plan to get us to the old command post, but we cannot figure out a way," Rudy confessed out of frustration.

"There may be a way, my boy, one way," Nick whispered.

Nick motioned for Rudy to follow him. They left the trailer and went outside. Beside the trailer there was an old red wooden box that Nick used as a planter, filled with strange little bonzai trees that Nick called mezzmezzro.

"Help me move this box," Nick asked Rudy.

The two managed to slide the red box aside several feet and Nick began to dig in the ground below where it stood. Using his hands, he dug down about a foot and then pulled out an ornately decorated wooden box.

Looking over his shoulder, Nick carried the little box inside the trailer as Rudy followed. Once inside, Nick opened the box and pulled out a cylindrical shaped device with a spiral disk attached to the end. He pushed a small button on the side of the device and the disk began to rotate. The spiral design created an interesting and mezmerizing effect.

"What is it, Nick?"

"This is an MK-Ultra wheel, Rudy. This is our ticket to the North Pole. But we must be careful, the penalty for possessing the wheel is death."

Nick, Rudy, and several others stood outside the Brave New World Order spaceport. It was very early in the morning and there was only one sentry clone, known as a Dobalina, preventing them from entering the spaceport. Nick walked away from the others and approached the Dobalina. Aiming the MK-Ultra wheel at the sentry, Nick spoke softly.

"Hear and obey. Take us to one of the old Scarien spaceships stored here."

The Dobalina responded as Nick had asked. Shortly the expressionless clone was leading the group to a small hanger at the edge of the spaceport. Inside was a shiny red flying saucer. Nick opened a hatch and the Listeners entered. He instructed the clone to open the hanger door and as the Dobalina followed his instruction, Nick entered the flying saucer.

"Can you fly this thing?" Rudy asked.

"I think I remember how," Nick replied.

"You're from the Scarien Planet, aren't you, Nick?" Rudy pressed.

"I came here a long time ago, my boy, a long long time ago."

"I always knew you were different."

"Rudy, I believe you are a Scarien, too. You were just born on Earth. Scariens have lived on Earth for thousands of years."

"Are we going to the North Pole?"

"Yes, Rudy. It would be too dangerous to leave the atmosphere. The Ariens would vaporize us immediately if we attempted to travel to the Scarien Planet. We can hide out briefly at the North Pole. I can contact the Scarien Planet from the ship now. They can send ships to transport the Listeners back. They have newer spaceships that will be undetectable."

Nick typed on a keyboard and the ship slowly moved, exited the hanger, and then accelerated quickly into the air. In moments the ship arrived at the North Pole, landing next to what appeared to be the ruins of a pyramid.

"I spent many many years of my life here trying to bring happiness to Earth," Nick said as a tear dropped from his cheek.

The group entered the cold structure in silence. Nick told the Listeners that Scarien ships would soon arrive.

Unknown to Nick and his friends, the band that they so admired had arrived on Earth just days after their departure to the North Pole. Homesick for the center of the universe, the Scariens had returned to Richmond, Virginia to play another gig. They immediately went to Dusty Deedbook's old trailer where they suspected they might find Nick. The band's old mentor, Mr. Scary had made several trips back to Earth to observe and he had informed them of the existence of the Listeners.

At the trailer, the combo found several people, all of whom denied being Listeners. It was not until the Scariens unpacked their instruments that the trailer people realized who they were.

"We're your biggest fans!," one young man shouted.

"Have you come to take us to the Scarien Planet like Nick said?"

"We just came down to see if we could get a gig," Huk Bury replied.

"Where is Nick?" asked Jabbah.

"He went to the North Pole. He said he was going to make contact with the Scarien Planet. He told us to wait here and notify other Listeners that spaceships may come and deliver us from this evil planet," a man named Dixon told the band.

"We've abandoned the ancient method of magnetic impulse propulsion to travel through space," Dusty told the Listeners.

"We traveled here in a tube of white light," Kareem told the people.

"We were to have a secret meeting tonight and tell the other listeners about Nick's plan," Dixon said.

"We'll be there," Huk promised.

"We'll take you there. We will go to the ruins of the old water house, The Bigger Sweep, and meet up. Then we'll go to our meeting place, the Hole in the Ground."

"Should I bring my guitar?" Dusty asked.

"Too dangerous," Huk replied.

"That never stopped us before," Kareem interjected.

"Looks like we've got a gig tonight, cats."

"Do any of you know J. Edgar Junior? He got left behind here on Earth like Nick," Huk inquired.

"Never heard of him."

At the Hole in the Ground, many Listeners arrived. The Scariens set up their equipment, wishing that their legendary soundman and security specialist, J. Edgar Junior, was there. Just as the band opened up with the Scarien theme song, bright flashes of crimson light filled the area. Bathed in specks of painful red light for what seemed like hours, the Scariens and the Listeners found themselves transported to a large cell.

A clone entered the cell and took Huk away. Nobody knew where they were or what was going on. The Dobalina clone walked Huk down a long corridor to a small room.

"Hello Huk, I'm so glad you're here. I've always loved your singing," a beautiful woman said seductively.

"Where am I?"

"You're in the Brave New World Order headquarters."

"The space station?"

"That's right, Huk. Aren't you glad to be here with me alone. Most men would die to be with me."

"Who are you?"

"Mara, the Final Vice-President of the Brave New World Order."

"What do you want?"

"I want you to make love to me. I want you to sing to me. I want your band to stay here with us."

Meanwhile, down the corridor from Huk, Nick was strapped down on a steel pallet. President Jinngrinch stood over Nick holding a device similar to a cattle prod, laughing.

"You old fool, we've been watching you. We have all of your Listeners aboard and we also have your little combo, The Scariens."

"You may have our bodies but not our spirits, Jinngrinch,

Nick groaned.

"Ahh, but I do have the spirits of some of your listeners. Who do you think informed me of your plans?"

"They are not true Listeners."

As Jinngrinch tormented Nick, a Dobalina brought Jabbah into the room.

"Let the old man go," Jabbah demanded.

"Why don't you save him with your magic powers," laughed Jinngrinch as he left the room.

The clone strapped Jabbah down next to Nick and also left.

"What have they done to you?," Jabbah asked Nick.

"They've only tried to break my spirit."

"Hang in there old man, have faith."

"Jabbah, I have an MK-Ultra wheel in my boot. If we can get it out, it could save us."

Jabbah struggled and squirmed, managing to free his arm from the straps.

He reached over to Nick, who laid next to him, and removed the MK-Ultra wheel. Moments later, as several Dobalina clones entered the room with Kareem Ahweet and Dusty Deedbooks, Jabbah rotated the spiral disk, aiming it carefully at the clones.

"Hear and obey! Drop your vaporizers and let your prisoners go," Jabbah instructed.

The four clones did as they were told. Kareem picked up their vaporizers and passed them out. Dusty and Jabbah strapped the Dobalinas down to the steel pallets. Kareem then vaporized the clones.

"They're only clones."

"Where's Huk?"

"I don't know, but we've got to get out of here."

"My ship is here in a landing area. These monsters came to the North Pole and captured me, my friends, and the ship. Arien ships are coming to take us to the Arien planet," Nick told the cats.

"There's about thirty Listeners in a cell. We can't leave them," Jabbah told the others.

Mara, now naked, attempted to seduce Huk in her room. He sat with arms folded, refusing to even make eye contact with the evil temptress. A clone sentry stood at the door grinning, preventing Huk from leaving. Jinngrinch entered the room.

"Well, Mara, you've failed to convince this idiot to join us. I must insist that he come with me. He will be sent to the Arien Planet with the others," Jinngrinch chided.

A blinding white light filled the room and Huk's mentor, Mr. Scary, appeared out of the blinding flash.

"So Jinngrinch, you've won many battles, but you will now lose the war. The law of the universe has caught up with you and you will not prevail," Mr. Scary told the President.

You fool, I have always prevailed over you. For thousands of years I have prevailed over you."

"Huk, Jinngrinch is not a human, he is an evil mutant alien, an Arien, I have tried many times to destroy him and failed, but today I will win," Mr. Scary told Huk.

"Mara, it is your destiny to rule the Earth alone. Here, take this vaporizer and destroy your President," Mr. Scary instructed.

"I can't. He is my master," she replied.

"Certainly you can, he has used you and plans to destroy you,

Mr. Scary told her as he removed an MK-Ultra wheel from his pocket.

Looking at the wheel, Mara took the vaporizer and aimed it at Jinngrinch.

"Stop her, Dobalina!," Jinngrinch shouted.

The clone merely looked at the wheel and continued to grin as Jinngrinch was vaporized by the temptress.

Mr. Scary grabbed Mara by the arm and led her out of the room. Huk followed. They walked down the corridor to the holding cells where they found the rest of the combo and many Listeners.

Mr. Scary then left with Mara, convincing her to return to Earth immediately and take her place as the leader of the Brave New World Order. Bathed in flashes of red light, Mara vanished from the transport room.

When Mr. Scary returned to the holding cell, anxiety filled the room. Fear of the Ariens gripped them all, despite Mr. Scary's attempts to keep them calm.

"Don't fear the Ariens, their leader, Jinngrinch, is finally gone, the Earth will consume Mara, and we are about to embark for the Scarien Planet," Mr. Scary told them.

Mr. Scary looked straight up. In and instant the room was filled with a blinding white light. All of the good people there found themselves engulfed in a tube of white light, and several seconds later surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Scarien Planet.

Nick was back home after eons, the band was safe and the Listeners were filled with joy.

"No more gigs on Earth, huh?," Dusty asked.

"That's right," said Mr. Scary.


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