Kazakhstan had remained relatively calm compared to the rest of the world. The Scariens had their MK-Ultra wheels and the cowboy gun vaporizer, so they enjoyed an easy life compared to most people. Most people struggled just to make it from day to day. Often the Scariens were able to take what they needed from Arien soldiers with no resistance, after mezzmerizing the pigs with MK technology.

They had found an abandoned building on the top of a steep hill, which they took turns guarding. They had a small plot of vegetables which gave them most of the food they required. They had all become vegescariens by default since there was no meat available anyway. Grain was too precious to waste on livestock. The cats were all hanging out in the garden one morning planting some seeds they had been saving when he came. Mr. Scary appeared from nowhere. It had been years since he had visited, but he hadn't seemed to age any.

"Brothers, I have come to take you to the Scarien Planet. The earth is infected with evil and will be in ruins soon. Scarien scientists have developed new flying saucers that cannot be detected by Arien radar. We will destroy the New World Order before they inflict more misery, and then we will send thousands of the flying saucers to earth to rescue those still in possession of their souls," Mr. Scary told the guys.

"Is the Scarien Nation going to take over the world?" Huk asked.

"No, Huk. The earth cannot survive. All is out of balance. The planet itself is cursed. The earth will flip on its axis and massive tidal waves, earthquakes, and hurricanes will eliminate most life on earth. The process has already begun. Earth will become nearly uninhabitable. Only a few people from each race will survive. They will reproduce and create an earth with only one race, human."

"Why are the flying saucers coming?"

"To take the good people of earth to colonize the Scarien wilderness. It is a paradise where you can live forever in peace."

"I'm sorry that we weren't able to succeed at our mission to overthrow the Ariens," Kareem apologized.

"You did not fail. Your assignment was completed long ago. Your little combo woke up millions of people from the Arien induced stupor inflicted upon them. You freed many souls from Arien oppression and control. The Ariens only have as much power over earth as they have been given by the earthlings. It will be those who are free from Arien control that will be allowed on the Scarien space ships."

Mr. Scary departed, promising to return in several days. The band ate until they were stuffed. They ate their entire food supply while they waited for Mr. Scary to return. They took out a bottle of wine that they had saved and a small pouch of mezzmezzro and celebrated the end of the world.

Dusty awoke early one morning to loud whirling sounds and music. The sky was filled with flying saucers.

"Wake up, people!" Dusty hollered.

"What's going on?"

"The saucers are here!"

A moment later, Mr. Scary appeared.

"A space craft is being sent for you. Wait outside," Mr. Scary instructed them.

There were thousands of flying saucers in the sky. As they approached, Scarien melodies from the first CD boomed from giant speakers attached to each saucer. The Scarien space ships dispersed , landing at populated areas all over the world. The loud Scarien music drew people who were free from Arien mind control and thought suppression. Those under Arien control ran and hid. The music made them cringe in disgust.

"Wake up, people" and "Scarien Nation now be one" echoed around the world from the Scarien sound systems. Millions of people dropped what they were doing and flocked to the flying saucers. They instinctively knew that this was the day. The final hours of the final days were upon them and they sensed it profoundly. As they boarded, they knew that the flying saucers were their salvation. Off to a place free from pain and worry.

"Goodbye cruel world."

A bright red saucer landed next to the Scariens' garden and the cats boarded. Not knowing what to expect, the free thinkers knew that they had to be going to a better place. The earth had really gotten sucky. This was the long awaited cosmic road trip to Nirvana.