The new millennium got ugly. It was a living nightmare filled with unimaginable weirdness. Bizarreness was the norm. The Arien Nation controlled America and most of the planet. They controlled America's mighty corporations and the organized religions. The Scariens became Public Enemy Number One and were forced to go underground again. Dozens of warrants had been issued against the Scariens, preventing them from gigging or campaigning for Presidents. New charges were being invented daily: possession of alien contraband, kidnapping the President, possession of mind control weaponry, and violating propaganda regulations.

Evil sorcerers from the Arien Planet had been arriving in space ships for months. There were thousands of the mutant aliens spreading their black magic across America. Society was breaking down as America's culture was ripped apart at the seams. People were losing it, yet most people seemed unaware that something horrible was happening to them. Most people did not even know right from wrong. Life got extraordinarily cheap, below wholesale. The Ariens had fed upon the soul of America and left behind a rotting corpse.

Everyday the tabloid headlines screamed out some new manifestation of cultural insanity. The statistics were staggering: 81.4% of all Americans had lead induced brain damage, 44% of all fast food restaurants were run by aliens, 93% of all phone calls were monitored by the government, 13.6% of all white people were vampires, 64.3% of all TV news anchors were zombies. The weirdness was endless.

The Scariens grabbed a few essentials, their instruments, their MK-Ultra wheels, a bag of mezzmezzro, and a pile of worthless money and split to Kazakhstan, where Kareem knew some cats. Kazakhstan had no formal extradition treaty with America and they could care less about the Scariens, so the cats felt pretty safe. The guys laid low, clueless as to what they should do next. They were hoping Mr. Scary would pop in and help them figure things out. They were no match against the Arien Nation. Their only advantage was their ability to think, an act that had been made illegal in America.

The Ariens, on the other hand, had mastered thought suppression, spiritual repression, and genetic regression. Through the application of cultural stress, the Ariens had left most people incapable of rational thought. Stripped of their souls and their humanity, millions of zombies roamed the streets seeking only to satisfy their most immediate desires.

The Scariens kept up with the news back home by subscribing to the wEakLy wHiRL kNEwZ, but the issues arrived weeks late. The headlines had become dismal, one bummer after another. Millions Lose Jobs. Banks Fail. New Virus Kills Instantly. Stock Market Crashes. Thousands Of Elderly Homeless Die From Exposure.

Each year it got worse. Evil spread like a cancer across America. Unemployment rose to 80% and inflation hit 209%. Banks were closed. Government offices were closed. People were killing each other in the streets over groceries. Nuclear missile attacks had left most large American cities without electricity or clean water. Bands of hoodlums roamed the streets with hi-tech weapons stolen from the military and they were ready to kill at the slightest provocation. Many people were ill or diseased. Everywhere there was hunger, fear, and desperation.

The Scariens managed to release a new CD in Kazakhstan without Manny or Mr. Scary. The CD sold several million worldwide, but only a few thousand could be smuggled into America. The government had confiscated the original legitimate shipments as soon as the boat docked. The cats wanted to go back to America but were afraid they would be executed. They continued to be expatriates a long way from home. It had been a long strange trip.

The American government finally toppled and the military, run by international drug kingpins, had taken over. The Republicrats had fled from DC after U. S. currency was declared worthless by the World Bank. Millions of people were homeless or living in abandoned shopping malls. Incurable diseases began to spread across the country.

Most hospitals had already been closed and the remaining ones were overloaded to the breaking point. People were leaving their doctors' offices relieved to hear that they were HIV positive, instead of one of the many mutant viruses that killed very quickly and caused its victims tortuous pain. Slow death was preferred over rapid rigormortis. Sterile food and water was scarce and life saving medicines were almost nonexistent.

Arien scientists, who had developed a mutant bovine virus using monkeys as test subjects, were overjoyed when the deadly virus was found to kill humans. Genetic advancements caused accelerated evolutionary mutations in the virus that resulted in dozens of mutant strains of the killer virus. Persons infected often died within weeks of exposure to the virus. Victims complained of painful headaches that made migraine headaches seem like a pleasure. After the virus was methodically introduced into the population, death became a friend to many who were infected. Suicide was often a substitute for treatment.

Conditions were the same or worse all over the world. Food was rare and grits ain't groceries. The evil sorcery of the Ariens had covered the entire globe causing natural disasters, famine, disease, and war. Dark times were upon the earth. The final hours were ticking by quickly.

Through manipulation of the global economy and with help from greedy Republicrats, the Ariens managed to gain political control of every developed and developing country in the world. A group of world leaders who marched in lockstep with the evil Ariens emerged with a coalition they called the Brave New World Order. They proposed a one world government, which was actually already in place, and they promised peace, prosperity, and order. The people of the earth gave their full support to these self appointed rulers.

Chaos and mayhem prevailed despite Arien attempts to bring order. But it mattered very little to the Ariens, they had already gotten what they came for. The world had become a prison and the Ariens had thrown away the key. Religions were outlawed, news agencies were dismantled, currency was replaced with debit cards, and the country was under permanent martial law. After consuming the souls of the masses, the Ariens began to consume the material wealth of the earth by automatically confiscating 90% of all earnings credited to a worker's debit card.

By this time, most Americans no longer cared. They merely sought to avoid torture and death. The struggle to get by from day to day left little time to think of political and social solutions to the nightmare that had crept up behind them. Among the ordinary working slaves were the ones who were handsomely rewarded by the Ariens for informing on critics of the Brave New World Order. These people told the poor how well off they were, they told the sick how healthy they were, and, with a smile on their vacant face, they would tell the prisoner how free he was. They repeated the Arien script so often that they actually believed what they were saying.

The Arien supporters were given huge mansions and their debit cards never ran out of money. While their friends, families and neighbors lived in poverty and often hungry, the Arien puppets lived extravagantly. But while they had material abundance, the Ariens had consumed every shred of their puppets' souls. The puppets had no peace. Their neighbors feared them and their own children loathed them. No one trusted them and they had no real friends, only the other informants. The Arien sycophants were the most pathetic victims. They blindly suffered through a pain that words cannot describe - the pain that comes to humans when stripped of their own humanity. They were numb to the pain of their own isolation and loneliness.

The average American zombie was preoccupied with fighting off hunger. Fighting off oppression was futile. Once the stomach was full, the zombies concentrated on fighting the symptoms of depression with whatever substance was available. Fighting the causes of the great depression was futile. Inhalation of industrial solvents was a popular antidepressant. It was cheap, easy to find, easy to use, and quicker than liquor.

Within a minute, a typical zombie could take off one sock, soak it with solvent, drop it in a paper bag, and escape. Holding the soggy paper bag to his face, the zombie breathed. The bag transforms into a huge bellows and then into an accordion. Then the detached experience of demons from hell eating away one foot and then the other. This escape had become more popular than television had been a few years earlier.

The rulers of the Brave New World Order had caused the world to become virtually uninhabitable. Their mutant viruses, radiation, caustic rivers, chemical dumps, artificial food, and stagnant polluted air had made life intolerable. Nothing was real. The artificial existence imposed by the Ariens was barely capable of sustaining life. The rulers themselves left the earth.

Rulers of the Brave New World Order established a colony in an abandoned space station that had been secretly built by Ronald Raygun after leaving the White House. The space station was 250,000 miles from earth. The rulers orbited the earth and kept in constant contact with the military leaders that had remained on the planet to maintain order.

Fortunately for the governed, anarchy swept the world almost immediately after the Brave New World leaders had left for outer space. When the rats jump ship and that sinking feeling hits you in the stomach, you know that you are about to go under. Then your head starts to feel like your stomach does when you haven't eaten in three days.

The Scariens remained in hiding. They scuffled for food like everyone else. All their money had become worthless and there was no longer a music industry. Most of the world was without electricity. No gigs, no bread, no mezz, not even any gas to go cruising on. Life for the guys had gotten a little harder for the cats as their age caught up with them. They barely had enough energy to survive among the chaos.

They were still better off than most people in the world and they knew it. They tried to help those who were less fortunate, but even that was dangerous. In a world with no trust, charity is often difficult.