The heat was on. Arien controlled Republicrats were furious. For the first time in decades, they were being challenged. The Scariens had spilled the black beans and turned over the rotten apple cart. The truth about Arien black magic had never before been revealed to the masses.

The Republicrats refused to respond to allegations that evil mutant aliens were actually running the show. They dismissed these claims as absurd and ridiculous. The official policy of the Republicrats was to ignore the Scariens. They feared the Scariens would be taken seriously by the public. Behind the scenes, Republicrats ordered all government agencies to conduct full scale investigations into the Scariens. The CIA, FBI, IRS, ATF, DEA, NSC, and all other three letter agencies began probes into the emerging Scarien Nation. The CIA implemented 24 hour surveillance on the double wide.

The FBI, along with government UFO experts, raided Dusty's old trailer. A Presidential order, issued one day before the massive raid, declared that all artifacts of extraterrestrial origin were henceforth to be considered illegal alien contraband. Even Bill had turned against the combo, despite Hillary's attempts to intervene.

The FBI already knew that the Scariens were in possession of the red box. According to postal records, the last known Scarien address was Dusty's old trailer. So that is where the FBI went. The FBI, without CIA knowledge, obtained a search warrant on the trailer for alien contraband.

They made a big production out of the raid. The press was there as well as local, state, and federal Republicrat bureaucrats. All they found was an empty red box and an Elvis poster suspected as being an alien artifact. The mezz was at the double wide, the possession of which was not illegal, yet. The MK-Ultra wheel plans were in Manny's secret safe along with the tape of Scarien melodies. Kareem had the cowboy vaporizer gun and the small wheels were in Scarien pockets. Clean.

The G-Men acted as if they had done the world a great service by rooting out dangerous alien contraband made illegal only the day before. One federal agent actually told a tabloid reporter that the world would be a little safer now. Press photographers snapped dozens of pictures of local and state officials posing around the red box. Several men wearing silver protective jumpsuits and space helmets carefully moved the red box into the back of a large unmarked white truck.

Newshounds from a well known weakly tabloid broke into Dusty's trailer after the G-Men split and discovered an old scroll that they later claim was 10,000 years old and created by a race of supermen. The experts had trouble translating the scroll into modern English, but apparently the message had something to do with the earth itself being cursed by black magic. It urged people to revolt against oppression of the mind and spirit.

Had the FBI contacted the CIA prior to the raid, they would have found out exactly where the Scariens were. When reporters from the wEakLy wHiRL kNEwZ called Dusty about the raid, it was the first he had heard about it. The cats were hot. Thankful for the tip, they packed their stuff and split the double wide scene. They had the cash to go anywhere they wanted. All they had to do was shake the CIA tails. They rode around in Huk's Cadillac for about two hours before losing the Dobalina clones.

Avis foolishly rented them a gold Lincoln with tinted windows. They cruised around for several hours just to make sure they weren't being tailed. They were on the lam now. Beads of paranoid sweat formed on the back of J. Edgar Junior's neck, always a cause for concern. The plan was to split Richmond quick and make for New York City.

Manny had an apartment on Fifth Avenue that they could use. Huk even had the key. Manny was in China putting together a tour deal for a possible Sonny and Cher walk of the dead reunion. So everything was cool. They dropped off the Lincoln at Avis and caught a cab to Fifth Avenue. They got the cabby to drop them off about six blocks from the apartment and gave the hack a sawbuck tip.

"Try to forget you ever saw us."

"Sure, pal."

The combo split up and walked up to the apartment building, checking the street for suspicious cars. Everyone looked over their shoulders as they entered the swank lobby of Manny's apartment building. The cats did not speak as they rode the elevator up to the top floor and as they walked down the long hall to Manny's door. J. Edgar Junior sighed as he bolted the door safely shutting out the paranoia.

Later that evening, Kareem walked down the street to use a pay phone. They were all pretty sure that the feds had been tapping Manny's phone for years to keep tabs on Hillary. He called their Richmond attorney, Bernie Wisenheimer. Bernie had to find out what was going on. He needed to check for warrants, indictments, summons, and all that crap.

Instead, Bernie went on a three day drunk with his large blonde secretary, Babs. When his wife found them at their summer home at the river, she threatened to leave him if he didn't check in again and dry out. Bernie fired Babs and signed up at the west end branch of the Ronald Reagan Re-Education Center the very next day. No one ever heard from Bernie again.

Huk was calling every town he knew trying to find Manny. He finally caught up with him in Shang-Hai and told him what was going down stateside.

"Don't sweat it, baby. The feds have been on my ass for years. I'll take care of everything. Just sit tight at my place and make yourselves at home and relax. But don't let anyone recognize you or the tabloids will be all over the freakin place," Manny advised over the distorted phone connection after 37 quarters.

Two days later, Manny showed up at the apartment with reporters from all the major tabloids. He had prepared written statements for the guys to read to the press. Dusty went first.

"I deny any knowledge of any alien contraband. I have not lived at the trailer where the alien things were found for many months. My special accountant, Sol Rosenberg, has continued to pay the rent on the trailer thinking that he was making payments to a psychiatric facility."

"There is a vast Republicrat conspiracy against the Scariens. They seek to destroy the Scarien Party at its inception to avoid any competition in the market place of ideas. They are trying to prosecute us for the possession of an empty red box and an Elvis poster," Huk read from his script.

"Tomorrow, we will turn ourselves in so that the world can see what the Republicrats are doing. We will turn ourselves in at high noon tomorrow at the White House. The press is invited to attend. I hope all of you will be able to make it," Jabbah read.

"The Arien Nation is in control. They are evil mutant aliens who feed on our souls. They orchestrate every move the Republicrats make. They have arranged for all government agencies to destroy us and we intend to fight back," Kareem told the attentive reporters.

The reporters bolted from Manny's apartment, sworn to secrecy as to its location. By 11 p.m., the TV networks had picked up the story. Radio stations obtained a recording of the secret press conference and were airing it repeatedly during morning drive time, the following morning. Manny and the cats heard their statements several times during their drive from New York to Washington.