The Cadillac pulled up in front of a skyscraper that was blinding to look at. It appeared to made from white marble and gold with huge crystal windows. There was a huge golden dollar sign on the roof that was at least 900 feet tall. The Temple of the White Gods. Huk parked in the loading zone several feet from the curb. The Scariens' footsteps echoed in the expansive lobby as they walked to the mahogany elevators.

Twenty seven floors later, the elevator doors opened into a plush reception area. An aging blonde bimbo sat behind a tiny desk with only a telephone sitting on it. On the wall above the desk was a red, white, and blue neon sign that said "Manny Jacobs Productions"

"We're the Scariens," Kareem told the broad.

"Mr. Jacobs has been waiting for you."

The bimbo led the cats into a large white room full of mirrors. Black curtains blocked out all natural light. A blue velvet wall was covered with gold records. They sat down around a large round ebony table and Manny entered the room through a door nobody had seen. He was wearing a silk suit the color of money and smoking a cigar that was even bigger than his ego.

"Nice place you got here."

"All the money in the world is spent on feeling good," Manny said as sat down.

Huk introduced the guys in the band and proceeded to tell Manny the score.

"Manny, Abie is dead. Some goon from the CIA named Dobalina killed him. The guy's been following us around for days. He's everywhere all at once."

"Why you get my brother Abie in trouble with the CIA. What the hell are you all? Why you gotta get Abie killed, you idiots?"

"It wasn't our fault, Manny. We've got this little act that's gonna blow the lid off this tired city. I think that's why this CIA jerk is hassling us."

"There's more to it than that. I don't need no trouble. You guys get outta here, now!"

Dusty zapped Manny with his MK-Ultra wheel. Manny looked directly at the whirling disk and did not bat an eye.

"Hear and obey," Dusty said as Manny started to look disgusted.

"You and your damn shit wheel. That Presley kid came to me back in the fifties with one of them damn whirly wheels and I told him to stick it up his ass!"

"Look, Manny, these wheels work. People can't even see 'em. When we use the wheels, the average rube is like putty in our hands."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what that Presley kid said."

"The future of the world depends on us reaching as many people as we can. You've got to help us get the songs on TV, on the radio, in the movies, everywhere!"

Manny froze up. Dollar signs flashed in his jaded eyes. Cash register bells rang in his ears. He became animated.

"Look, you guys, maybe Presley was right about them damn wheels. That hillbilly grease ball made millions. Call my secretary Monday morning and set up an appointment to come in and sign the contracts."

"What contracts?"

"Don't you worry about it, babe. Manny's gonna take care of you. You boys could be big. Records, tapes, movies, TV specials, T-shirts, all that kinda shit."

The cats left Manny's office feeling like rock 'n' roll stars. They were finally on their way. Huk pulled the parking ticket off his windshield and threw it under the car.

"What are we gonna do with Abie?"

"What do you mean?"

"He's in the trunk."

"We could take him to Bliley's Funeral Home."

"They'll ask questions."

"Bliley's, they won't ask any questions."

"That joint is run by vampires, not Johnny Staccato."

"Don't believe everything you read. There's no vampires around here."

"Bull! Everyone knows that Bliley's is run by vampires. That's why they're in the embalming business. They get to drain all the blood out of people."

After a quick stop at Bliley's blood bank, the big Cadillac veered towards the double wide. The phone was screaming when they got back to headquarters.


"Huk, baby, Manny here. I've got the gig of the year for you. A Hollywood pool party. High profile. Big wigs from Hollywood, DC, New York."

"What is it?"

"Cher's annual pool party."


"Right, babe. Everyone who is anyone will be there. Hillary will be there unless she flys down to Cuba with me and Madonna. All the big PR people from the tabloids will be there, so don't you fruitcakes blow it."

"When is this thing?"

"Look, I'll make all the arrangements. I'll have my driver pick you up tomorrow at noon."

"Sure, man, we'll be here. Hey, Manny, we took Abie down to Bliley's."


"What's wrong?"

"Abie always asked me to make sure those vampires never got a hold of him."

"Wow. Look, Manny, I'm sorry."

"Don't sweat it, he was a jerk. Huk, how about lending me one of them damn wheels. Bill's starting to get weird about this thing with me and Hillary and Madonna."

"OK, man. No problem."

"One more thing. While you're in Hollywood, I want you to meet someone."

"Who's that?"

"David Koresh."

"David Koresh?"

"He's back."

"I thought the G-men killed him out there in Waco."

"He's back and he wants to sit in with you guys. It will be the media event of the century."

"Sounds like a real sick bit, Manny."

"Trust me, Huk. I'll handle everything."