wEakLy wHiRL kNEwZ



I have just finished looking at the pre-publication version of Dr. D. Sturbin's book, SCARIEN NATION NOW BE ONE. A digitized version will soon be available online from Third Whirl Publications. I found the book to be a real eye opener. Originally published in 1993, this book has been re-translated and an additional chapter has been added. The book was intercepted as an electro-magntic wave by NASA in 1993 from a point beyond the outer limits of space. The book was apparently written in the future and sent through time to earth.


The book chronicles a beatnik combo that is instructed by an alien from the Scarien planet on how to save the human race from the evil mutant aliens from the Arien planet. The second half of the book is especially revealing. A number of mysteries, rumors, and lies are exposed.

For months, the Washington Press Corp has been speculating about Clinton's constant companion, Bob Dobalina. After reading Sturbin's book, I must conclude that Dobalina is not the President's gay lover, private attorney, or body guard, but rather a CIA clone controlled by Arien aliens to repair the President when he malfunctions.

The book implies that Clinton may be in seclusion and that the acting President is actually a cheap electro-mechanical robot with a low grade vacuum tube configuration and limited artificial intelligence. While many inside the beltway have suspected that Dobalina is an alien and that the President was being controlled by evil mutant aliens, nobody suspected that the President and Dobalina are not fully human and that both are controlled by the evil mutant Ariens.

The original Bob Dobalina was one of the top secret agents in the early sixties and was cloned by the CIA using alien technology. According to SCARIEN NATION NOW BE ONE, there have been many Dobalina clones, often working directly with the Ariens.

The final chapter of the book, intercepted by NASA after the first publishing of the epic, reveals the true nature of Jinngrinch, or the man we know as Newt Gingrich. Newt is most likely an ordinary human whose body is being inhabited by Jinngrinch, an evil mutant alien able to change his appearance and possessing powerful dark sorcery.

A secret White House web cam recently captured the sickening transformation of Jinngrinch changing into Bill Clinton. As if more proof is needed, a photograph taken by wEakLy wHiRL kNEwZ from an undisclosed web site clearly shows Jinngrinch as he actually is.

Beltway reporters have long thought that Newt is a vampire, as much evidence has indicated. However, the alien's need to feed on the souls of humans and drain them of their blood would obviously give the impression of vampirism. The Scariens may be our last hope of reclaiming our planet from the evil mutant Arien aliens. We should support them if they should decide to run for Presidents.